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Joint UN Evaluations

FAO/WHO Project and Fund for Enhanced Participation in Codex (Codex Trust Fund) Final Project Evaluation (2015)

A final project evaluation of the FAO/WHO Project and Fund for Enhanced Participation in Codex (Codex Trust Fund) was carried out between June 2014 and February 2015. The purpose of the final project evaluation was to evaluate the functioning and results of the Codex Trust Fund after ten and a half years of its twelve year lifespan. The results of the final project evaluation will be used, along with other sources of information, to inform discussions in FAO/WHO and among Codex Member States on possible future measures that may be necessary to enhance further effective participation of developing and transition economy countries in Codex.

WFP/FAO/UNICEF/WHO/DFATD Canada Joint Evaluation of Renewed Effort Against Child Hunger and Under-nutrition (REACH): A Strategic Evaluation (2015)

This evaluation of the United Nations Renewed Efforts Against Child Hunger and Undernutrition (REACH) was managed by a joint Evaluation Management Group composed of Evaluation Offices of WFP, FAO, WHO, UNICEF and DFATD Canada. Covering 2011 to 2015, the evaluation focused on the role of the REACH secretariat and its work in Bangladesh, Ghana, Mali, Mozambique, Nepal, Rwanda, Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania. Serving the dual purpose of accountability and learning, it assessed REACH's relevance and appropriateness, performance, the factors explaining results, and sustainability.