About WHO

Qualifications and eligibility

WHO is a public organization and as such must diligently follow its financial regulations and rules. All WHO procurement is subject to the relevant policies set forth in the eManual. All WHO suppliers must abide by the UN supplier code of conduct. Under this framework, all vendors must be qualified, as well as eligible.

While qualification criteria may be further specified to meet the needs of a particular purchase, in general terms all qualified WHO vendors must meet the following commercial criteria:

  • Have adequate financial resources to perform the contract or the ability to obtain them.
  • Be able to provide audited financial statements for completed fiscal years upon request.
  • Be able to comply fully and effectively with WHO general terms and conditions of contract.
  • Have the necessary organization, facilities, experience, accounting and operational controls; adequate insurance and technical skills (including, as needed, quality controls, property and production control systems, standards and safety programmes applicable to goods produced or services performed).
  • Have a record of satisfactory performance with WHO, when applicable.
  • Have sufficient material and financial resources to meet all existing commercial commitments.

Eligible vendors are qualified vendors that have not been temporarily suspended or debarred by WHO or another UN Agency. For more details regarding suspended vendors, see the link below. WHO considers vendors included in the UN Security Council Sanction Lists (1267) to be ineligible for their contracts. If you are a consortium, holding or parent company, the entire group must meet these eligibility requirements.