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Twelfth General Programme of Work

Not merely the absence of disease


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Number of pages: 72
Publication date: 2014
Languages: English



The Twelfth General Programme of Work provides a high-level strategic vision for the work of WHO for the period 2014–2019. It reflects the three main components of WHO reform: programmes and priorities, governance and management.

The general programme of work sets out leadership priorities that will both define the key areas in which WHO seeks to exert its influence in the world of global health and drive the way work is carried out across and between the different levels of the Secretariat.

Second, the general programme of work sets the direction for more effective governance by Member States, as well as a stronger directing and coordinating role for WHO in global health governance.

Lastly, through a clear results chain, it explains how WHO’s work will be organized over the next six years; how the work of the Organization contributes to the achievement of a clearly defined set of outcomes and impacts; and the means by which WHO can be held accountable for the way resources are used to achieve specified results. The three programme budgets in the period set out the details of what will be achieved during each biennium.