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WHO Expert Reference Group on the Draft GPW 13 Impact Framework 2019-2023

The Director General has established an Expert Reference Group to advise the Director-General and provide scientific and strategic guidance for the review of the WHO Impact Framework.

Terms of reference

The Technical Expert Reference Group of the 13th GPW WHO Impact Framework will have the following objectives:

  • review and recommend a methodology for the “triple billion” targets in the draft GPW13;
  • review and assess if the targets are realistic;
  • examine the targets and indicators for each of the three strategic priorities and propose recommendations on enhancements;
  • help to identify priority targets from the WHO Impact Framework;
  • advise on ‘prototype’ reporting to monitor WHO’s expected contribution to achieving these goals within the given timeframe; and
  • propose options for regions and Member States reporting.

Meetings and documents

Statement by Director General on the preliminary report of the WHO Expert Reference Group

The Director General welcomes the Preliminary Report of the Expert Reference Group and expresses his thanks to all members of the Expert Reference Group and its Task Force, and the co-chairs, for their thoughtful and diligent work. The Director General notes that the Expert Reference Group and Task Force

"…believe that the triple billion target for GPW13 can be measured and provides a very valuable approach to tracking the joint efforts of Member States, the WHO Secretariat and other partners to achieve the GPW13 goals and SDGs. The development of the measurement framework is a major step towards accountability and transparency and is a new approach, which is to be appreciated."

The Director General appreciates the specific recommendations for refinement of WHO’s approaches to measuring the triple billion target. The Secretariat will now initiate a process to study the recommendations and provide an institutional response for the Expert Reference Group to consider.

Statement by Director General on the interim report of the WHO Expert Reference Group on the draft WHO Impact Framework

The Director-General welcomes the interim report of the WHO Expert Reference Group and the recommendations contained within it. The deliberations of the Group and its recommendations have been critical in developing the final draft of GPW 13 (document EB142/3). The Director-General recognizes the need to continue to develop the metrics and measurement system for the GPW and will continue to do so in collaboration with the Expert Reference Group. The Director-General will seek further recommendations from the Group in respect of research. The Director-General notes with appreciation that, in its report, the Expert Reference Group is "Overall at this early point in the group’s deliberations … supportive of the triple billion target as an aspirational goal for WHO Secretariat and Member States that is largely consistent with the SDG3 agenda for 2030."


The Reference Group consists of the following members (as of 18 December 2017), who serve in their personal capacity and will exercise their responsibilities with full regard for the paramount importance of independence.

Expert Reference Group Taskforce