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Ms Malebona Precious Matsoso

Director-General, Department of Health, South Africa


Ms Malebona Precious Matsoso

Ms Malebona Precious Matsoso is Director-General in the Department of Health, a position she has held since June 2010. She has a Master’s degree in Law and Ethics from the University of Dundee, a degree in Pharmacy from the University of the Western Cape, and a post-graduate diploma in Health Management from the University of Cape Town. Ms Matsoso has worked in both the public and private sector at management level and was a director in public health innovation and intellectual property in the office of the Director- General of WHO.

Former leadership positions include her appointment as a head of the Medicines Control Council, serving as a member of the National Research Ethics Council of South Africa, and as director of the Essential Drugs and Traditional Medicines Programme for the Department of Health.

Ms Matsoso has been a member of various advisory panels locally and internationally, with a primary focus on improving access to medicines.

Ms Matsoso served as the Chair of the Executive Board at World Health Organization (2015-2016).