Ageing and life-course

10 Priorities for a Decade of Action on Healthy Ageing


The 10 Priorities provide the concrete actions that are needed to achieve the objectives of the WHO Global strategy and action plan on ageing and health. WHO carried out a series of consultations with experts, WHO staff and key stakeholders to identify those actions that would be transformative. Each priority is crucial for getting the world to the point where it can take on a decade of concerted action. Many are inextricably linked and all will require collaboration with many key partners. Healthy Ageing will not become a reality without focused global action. These ten priorities provide the path forward.

1. Build a Platform for Innovation and Change

EPA/Ahmed Jallanzo

Igniting change for Healthy Ageing by connecting people and ideas from around the world.

2. Support country planning and action

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Countries get the skills and tools they need to create policies that enable people to live long and healthy lives.

3. Collect better global data on Healthy Ageing

WHO/TDR/Sebastian Oliel

What gets measured gets done - together we collect accurate up-to-date and meaningful data on Healthy Ageing.

4. Promote research that addresses the needs of older people

Robin Wyatt/HelpAge International

Research includes and benefits older people by answering relevant questions in innovative ways.

5. Align health systems to the needs of older people

Christopher Black/WHO

Older adults get the health care they need - where and when they need it.

6. Lay the foundations for a long-term-care system in every country


Older people and care givers get the care and support they need to live with dignity and enjoy their basic human rights.

7. Ensure the human resources necessary for integrated care


People have the skills to deliver quality health and long-term-care services for older people.

8. Undertake a global campaign to combat ageism

Michael Steverson

Changing the way we think, feel and act towards age and ageing is possible – we can make it happen.

9. Make the economic case for investment in Healthy Ageing

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Better understanding the costs and opportunitites of Healthy Ageing - the starting point for sustainable, equitable and effective responses.

10. Develop the Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities

Age-friendly Manchester

Cities and communities, around the world, enable older people to do the things they have reasons to value.