Ageing and life-course

Integrated Care for Older People

As people grow older, their health needs are likely to become more complex and chronic. However, existing health systems are fragmented and lack coordination, which makes it difficult to effectively address these needs. The WHO Integrated Care for Older People (ICOPE) package of tools offers an approach that helps key stakeholders in health and social care to understand, design, and implement a person-centred and coordinated model of care. By providing evidence-based tools and guidance specific to every level of care, ICOPE helps health systems support Healthy Ageing and maximise older people’s intrinsic capacity and functional ability.

ICOPE Guidelines

Many community health and care workers need support on how to best assess older people’s health and effectively address their needs. The ICOPE Guidelines provide recommendations based on the best available evidence on what works to prevent, slow, or reverse declines in the physical and mental capacities of older people.

ICOPE Handbook

The ICOPE Handbook helps community health and care workers put the recommendations outlined in the ICOPE Guidelines into practice. The Handbook describes practical care pathways which can be followed to detect declines in intrinsic capacity and develop a personalised care plan.

ICOPE Handbook App

The ICOPE Handbook App helps implement ICOPE in community care settings by providing an interactive step-by-step approach to the Handbook. The App also generates a printable summary of the resulting assessments, interventions, and care plan. The App is available in English and on Android. Other language versions will be available in 2020.

ICOPE Implementation Framework

Within the ICOPE approach, broader health and social care systems have important roles to support the delivery of community-level services that effectively respond to the diverse and complex needs of older people. The ICOPE Implementation Framework provides guidance for policy makers and programme managers to concretely assess and measure the capacity of services and systems to deliver integrated care at the community level.


An integrated care system for older people means that older adults get the health care they need - where and when they need it. The WHO Mobile Health for Ageing (mAgeing) Handbook helps countries develop a programme for delivering health information, advice, and reminders based on the ICOPE Guidelines through basic technology common to most mobile phones.


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