Ageing and life-course

The Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities: Looking back over the last decade, looking forward to the next

World Health Organization

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Editors: World Health Organization
Publication date: 2018
Languages: English, French, Spanish



The environments in our cities and communities are critical for supporting and maintaining health in older age. The WHO Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities helps cities and communities to achieve this aim – by showing what can be done and how it can be done, connecting cities and communities worldwide to facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge, and experience; and supporting cities and communities to find appropriate innovative and evidence-based solutions.

This report reviews the development of the Network over the last decade, celebrates the achievements to date, and outlines strategic shifts for the next decade. These new directions will help ensure that, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, the Network continues to foster Healthy Ageing and leaves no one behind.

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