WEBINAR - Social protection for health: What are the health policy and systems research priorities?

Previous work on social protection for health has focused on cash transfers, and while they have a role to play, there are a number of different approaches to social protection for health, especially within the context of achieving the SDGs. For example, financial incentives, food aid and nutritional interventions, parental leave and social welfare interventions can all influence health and health seeking behavior.

But, given this rich field of study, we need to identify research priorities that go beyond cash transfers. What are the current research priorities identified by researchers, and how do those differ with priorities identified by policymakers?

This webinar will examine these questions to support a renewed interest in social protection mechanisms as a way of achieving the SDGs, especially the health-related ones. It can be considered an important first step in the embedded research approach. The webinar will cover issues uncovered in a recent paper, Identifying health policy and systems research priorities for the sustainable development goals: social protection for health.


  • Dr. Zubin Shroff, Technical Officer, Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research, World Health Organization


  • Dr Sara Bennett, Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Dr Marco Stampini, Social Protection Lead Specialist, Interamerican Development Bank
  • Dr Mark Blecher, Chief Director, Health and Social Development, National Treasury, South Africa