Antimicrobial resistance

Infection prevention and control

Objective 3: Reduce the incidence of infection through effective sanitation, hygiene and infection prevention measures

Stronger hygiene and infection prevention measures, including vaccination, can limit the spread of resistant microorganisms and reduce antimicrobial misuse and overuse.

Infection prevention measures such as sanitation, hand washing, food and water safety, and vaccination can decrease the spread of microorganisms resistant to antimicrobial medicines. By preventing infectious diseases whose treatment would require antimicrobial medicines and viral infections which are frequently mistreated with antimicrobial medicines, the global community can better steward these essential medicines.

Sustainable antimicrobial use extends beyond human well-being to animal production. Antibiotics are frequently used to stimulate growth and prevent infections in farms and slaughterhouses. Sustainable animal husbandry practices can reduce the risk of resistant bacteria spreading through the food chain to humans.