Antimicrobial resistance

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The antimicrobial resistance national action plan (AMR-NAP) forum is a free and open online resource run by the WHO AMR Secretariat. It has been established primarily to enable those developing and implementing national action plans to combat antimicrobial resistance to have access to prompt advice and peer support for operational challenges for which answers are not readily accessible in current guidelines. It also provides space for informal peer-to-peer discussions of approaches to challenging situations and innovative responses.


You must register as an AMR-NAP forum user in order to post a question. This is a quick online registration.

Questions posted are received by the Forum Moderator. Where the answer to a question is available in guidance materials or in a previous question and answer exchange, the user will be directed to the appropriate resource/ exchange. This question will not be posted online. Questions that cannot be addressed through ‘textbook’ guidance are posted online. All AMR-NAP forum users can respond to a question. A question that is deemed by the Forum Moderator to be particularly challenging is escalated for input from a technical expert, where possible. The AMR Secretariat welcomes feedback from users on their AMR-NAP forum experience and its application to practice. We will undertake periodic evaluation.

Principles of participation

Users are requested to respect the views of others and to participate in discussions in the spirit of an informal exchange of ideas and experience. The forum is open to all and as such the AMR-NAP forum takes no responsibility for the quality, accuracy or appropriateness of responses by users.

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