Antimicrobial resistance

National action plans

In May 2015, the Sixty-eight World Health Assembly adopted the global action plan on antimicrobial resistance. The goal of the global action plan is to ensure, for as long as possible, continuity of successful treatment and prevention of infectious diseases with effective and safe medicines that are quality-assured, used in a responsible way, and accessible to all who need them.

The World Health Assembly also urged all Member States to develop and have in place by 2017, national action plans on antimicrobial resistance that are aligned with the objectives of the global action plan.

A manual has been developed by WHO, in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), to assist countries in preparing or refining their national action plans. It aims to facilitate the participation of all relevant sectors, and outlines an incremental approach that can be adapted by countries to their specific needs, circumstances and available resources. A number of supporting documents and tools have also been developed that accompany the manual.

It is anticipated that this manual will be adapted and further developed in the near future to reflect the experience of countries in preparing their national action plans and to better serve the needs of countries.

Manual for developing national action plans

This manual proposes an incremental approach that countries can adapt to the specific needs, circumstances and available resources of each individual country. Details of actions to be taken will vary according to national contexts.

Global monitoring of country progress on addressing antimicrobial resistance

WHO has developed a monitoring framework that includes monitoring the implementation of national action plans on AMR. As part of this, a global monitoring questionnaire has been developed jointly by WHO, FAO and OIE as part of the tripartite work on AMR and this exercise is conducted annually.

Library of national action plans

A library of existing, publicly available national action plans on antimicrobial resistance has been compiled which countries may wish to consult. WHO will update this library regularly as new information becomes available on existing national action plans, and as new plans are published. WHO welcomes any additional information of relevance to existing and newly developed national action plans.

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