Archives of WHO


Different types of archived documents
Different types of archived documents

The WHO Archives are the guardians of the Organization's institutional memory. They preserve the documents produced and received by WHO in the course of its activities. They are responsible for the following:

  • identifying and preserving archives of administrative, legal, historic and cultural value
  • processing and preparing the archives to ensure their long-term preservation
  • determining the timelines for preservation on the basis of records retention schedules
  • ensuring documents are transferred when they are no longer in active use
  • preserving the documents and making them available in accordance with the policy for external access to the WHO Archives
  • ensuring that obsolete documents are safely destroyed
  • promoting internal and external research in the archives
  • offering a reference service to researchers
Consultation: advising a researcher
Providing assistance to a researcher
Consultation of archives in the historical reference room
Historical reference room