Archives of WHO


Compactus for conserving archives

Records staff are responsible for:

  • developing policies and procedures for managing records
  • setting up an electronic records management system (ERMS)
  • maintaining and ensuring the availability of records management tools
  • advising and training WHO staff on policy and procedures applicable to current records, helping them to manage files and classify documents
  • classifying and filing the documents in the centralized files, keeping the classification up to date
  • registering, describing, indexing, digitizing and maintaining documents in the central files
  • assisting WHO staff with their requests and helping them to find information
  • tracking the movement of files within the Organization

Records represent documents currently in use and are subject to the confidentiality period imposed by the policy on external access to WHO Archives. Access to current records is limited to WHO staff only.

Staff member registering and digitizing a document
Digitizing a document
Consulting a file
Consulting a file