Archives of WHO

Additional sources


  • WHO Library
    The Library and Information Networks for Knowledge conserve the full collection of all WHO publications and make available global documentary resources on health and developments. These historic resources contain monographs, periodicals and other documents concerning public health, the history of WHO and the organizations that preceded its constitution.
  • Global Health Library
    The Global Health Library is a virtual library whose purpose is to democratize access to medical and health information throughout the world.

  • Global Health Histories
    The purpose of this project, which was initiated by WHO, is to trace the history of health over the past 60 years in order to share the knowledge garnered and better to respond to present challenges.


  • Geneva - international cooperation
    This Republic and State of Geneva’s website aims to support Geneva as a primary global governance centre. It provides detailed information about its participants, achievements, current affairs and the support available. Every month it also includes an image taken from the archives of international organizations based in Geneva.

  • Global Health Chronicles
    This online archive, hosted by Emory University Libraries, provides historic video and audio interviews, photos, presentations and government papers that document the intense battle to eradicate smallpox.

  • National Library of Medicine - History of Medicine
    The National Library of Medicine is the world's largest medical library. It compiles documents covering all areas of biomedicine and health, as well as holding one of the most reputed collections on the history of medicine.

  • Wellcome Library
    The Wellcome Trust Library holds a very valuable collection of manuscripts, books, archives, films and paintings covering the history of medicine.


  • Where to look?
    Distinction between the library collections, the archives and current records.
  • Galleries
    Exhibition of the best photographs kept by the archives.
  • Library
    Link to the WHO Library and Information Networks for Knowledge.

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