Blood transfusion safety

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Blood transfusion safety

WHO Action Framework
Aide-mémoire: blood safety for national blood programmes
Prevention of health care-associated HIV infection flyer

Education and training in blood transfusion safety

Voluntary blood donation

Establishing a distance learning programme in blood safety: a guide for programme coordinators

Testing of donated blood

Processing of donated blood

Aide-mémoire: safe blood components
Aide-mémoire: Blood cold chain
The blood cold chain: guide to the selection and procurement of equipment and accessories
Manual on management, maintenance and use of blood cold chain equipment

Safe and rational clinical use of blood

Aide-mémoire: Clinical use of blood
Aide-mémoire: Clinical transfusion process and patient safety
Developing a national policy and guidelines on the clinical use of blood: recommendations
Appropriate use of blood: Information sheet for clinicians
The clinical use of blood in obstetrics, paediatrics, surgery and anaesthesia, trauma and burns: module
The clinical use of blood handbook

Quality Systems for Blood Safety

Aide-mémoire: Quality systems for blood safety
External quality assessment of transfusion laboratory practice: guidelines on establishing an EQA scheme in blood group serology

Global Database on Blood Safety

Global Database questionnaire
Global database on blood safety (GDBS) reports

WHO Resolutions related to Blood Safety

World Blood Donor Day 2019
Safe blood for all

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