World No Tobacco Day, 31 May 2018

Tobacco and cardiovascular disease

World No Tobacco Day 2018 will focus on the impact tobacco has on the cardiovascular health of people worldwide.

Tobacco use is an important risk factor for the development of coronary heart disease, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease.

Despite the devastating harms of tobacco to heart health, and the availability of solutions to reduce tobacco-related death and disease, knowledge among large sections of the public that tobacco is one of the leading causes of CVD is low.

Treating cardiovascular disease in Barbados

The outwardly calm of Barbados hides a pressure-cooker health crisis: more than one-third of Barbadians aged 25-70 years suffer from hypertension, the main risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD) – the world’s number one killer. Counselling patients on lifestyle changes, such as reducing tobacco use, is a key part of efforts to protect people from heart attacks and strokes.