World Blood Donor Day 2017

World Blood Donor Day 2017

Giving blood in a time of crisis

13 June 2017 -- In the days following Nepal’s devastating earthquake in 2015, hundreds of volunteers came forward to donate blood. But crucially, Nepal already had a substantial supply of blood thanks to years of work to build a culture of voluntary blood donation. On World Blood Donor Day, WHO is emphasizing the role that every individual can play in preparing for the next unforeseen emergency by giving blood now.

World Blood Donor Day 2017

What can you do? Give blood. Give now. Give often.

June 2017 -- This year's campaign will focus on blood donation in emergencies. In crisis or emergency situation, the natural human response is "What can I do? How can I help?". Therefore, the slogan for the 2017 campaign is: What can you do?, with the secondary message: Give blood. Give now. Give often.

World Blood Donor Day 2017

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12 June 2017 -- No-one knows when disaster will strike. But every disaster has victims, and many victims need blood. So what can you do? Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Give blood. Give now. Give often.

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112.5 million112.5 million blood donations are collected globally, half of these are in high-income countries.

Fact sheet on blood safety

1% Blood donation by 1% of the population can meet a nation’s most basic requirements for blood.

A global framework for action

57 countries57 countries collect 100% of their blood supply from voluntary, unpaid blood donors.

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