Cost effectiveness and strategic planning (WHO-CHOICE)

Our work

Policy makers are faced with decisions regarding strategy development and implementation of policies regularly. Resource allocation decisions form a crucial part of policy formulation and are supported by economic analysis and financial planning. One of the key objectives for the policymaker is to use existing resources efficiently. This calls for prioritising between and amongst a set of interventions. Various tools are used synergistically for priority setting.

The CHOICE (CHOosing Interventions that are Cost-Effective) project is a WHO initiative developed in 1998 with the objective of providing policy makers with the evidence for deciding on the interventions and programmes which maximize health for the available resources.

Since its inception, the CHOICE programme of work has developed multiple facets. The CHOICE team is now responsible for:

The WHO-CHOICE tools, together with Health Accounts helps member states and countries to ensure that money spent on health is allocated and utilised in a way that ensures the greatest possible health outcomes are achieved.