Key publications

Ending Cholera: A Global Roadmap to 2030

The Roadmap provides a concrete path toward a world in which cholera is no longer a threat to public health. By implementing the strategy between now and 2030, the Global Task Force on Cholera Control (GTFCC) partners will support countries to reduce cholera deaths by 90 percent.

Cholera annual report 2016

Cholera remains a significant public health problem in many parts of the world. In 2016, 38 countries reported a total of 132 121 cases including 2420 deaths, resulting in an overall case fatality rate (CFR) of 1.8%.

Cholera vaccines: WHO position paper - 2017

In accordance with its mandate to provide guidance to Member States on health policy matters, WHO issues a series of regularly updated position papers on vaccines and combinations of vaccines against diseases that have an international public health impact.

Acute diarrhoeal diseases in complex emergencies: critical steps

This leaflet is designed to help identify key issues relevant to diarrhoeal disease control in complex emergencies as well as prepare and guide the response to an outbreak.

First steps for managing an outbreak of acute diarrhoea

This leaflet aims at guiding health workers though the very first days of an outbreak. The leaflet also has sections on how to protect the community, how to treat patients and what to do if an outbreak is suspected.

Cholera outbreak: assessing the outbreak response and improving preparedness

This document offers a framework for the assessment of a cholera outbreak response, to: provide a comprehensive overview of the outbreak response; pinpoint the main strengths and weaknesses; improve preparedness and provide accurate recommendations based on WHO guidelines.

This page links all WHO technical and general information on cholera

Revised Cholera Kits

The revised cholera kits are designed to help prepare for a potential cholera outbreak and to support the first month of the initial response.

Online courses on cholera

These online courses, housed on the learning platform, aim to provide basic understanding of cholera and Revised Cholera Kits. Each course takes an hour to complete.