International Classification of External Causes of Injury (ICECI)


To enable classifying external causes of injuries. It is designed to help researchers and prevention practitioners to describe, measure and monitor the occurrence of injuries and to investigate their circumstances of occurrence using an internally agreed classification.

Criteria underlying the classification are: a separate coding axis for each main concept, usefulness for injury prevention, useability in may types of settings (many parts of the world; emergency departments and other places where data are collected), comparability and complementarity with the ICD-10

Classification structure

ICECI has a multi-axial and hierarchical structure: core module including seven items (mechanism of injury, objects/substances producing injury, place of occurrence, activity when injured, the role of human intent, use of alcohol, use of (other) psycho-active drugs) and five additional modules to enable collection of additional data on special topics (violence, transport, place, sports, occupational injury).

Administrative status

Creation date: Consultation draft May 1998
Last date change: 2003
Change description: if no information then delete the rubric

Reference documents

Available indexes: Traditional index (draft) available for almost 50% of the classification (give pdf or an address). An automated indexing system is in preparation. (available when..)

Available formats: English: MS Word files and Pdf files - how to obtain.

Training and training materials:
ICECI website
Related WHO publication: Injury surveillance guidelines, Holder et al, 2001


English: MS Word files and Pdf files
French: draft version
Spanish: under discussion

Relationships with other classifications

Correspondence with international, multinational, national classifications
ICD-10: ICECI has been developed as a related classification with respect to ICD-10 chapter XX; ICECI does not replace this chapter because it includes the external causes and not the injuries itself. The CDC recommended framework for presenting injury mortality data provides a bridge between the two classifications (MMWR 1997 46[RR-14] p32). During the development of the ICECI reference was made to numerous classifications that deal with one or more aspects of the external causes of injury. The relationship of these with items in the ICECI version 1.1a ranges from very close (eg the ICECI item Economic activity is derived directly from the UN International Standard Industrial Classification) to quite distant (eg the categories in the ICECI Objects/Substances item and the way that they are classified, was informed by reference to at least five national and international systems).

Relationships with other terminologies

No formal relationships.


Custodianship and responsibility for maintenance and updating lies with an international group of experts: ICECI Coordination and Maintenance Group; a group of three persons act as the executive committee.

Contact information

Dr. Marijke W. de Kleijn – de Vrankrijker