Technical aids for persons with disabilities - Classification and terminology (ISO9999)


The international Standard establishes a classification of technical aids for persons with disabilities. It is restricted to technical aids intended mainly for the use of an individual.

Classification structure

The classification consists of three hierarchical levels, termed classes, subclasses and divisions respectively. Each class, subclass or division consists of a code, a term and if necessary an explanatory note and/or reference to other part parts of the classification or the ICF.

Administrative status

The ISO 9999 is being under revision at the moment, the publication of that version will be in January 2006. Creation date : 1998 Last date change : 2002 Change description : Inclusion of ICF definitions

Reference documents

Available indexes : Alphabetical and analytical index

Concordance tables : ISO9999 Annex A: Conversion table between 2nd & 3rd editions (1998 and 2002 respectively

Available formats : PDF-format, Access version (under construction)


The formal languages of ISO being English, German, and French. The classification is also available in several other languages; Nordic, Dutch, Spanish & Japanese.