Communicating for health

Internal communications

Communications function at WHO

An essential strategic complement to external communications initiatives, internal communications is crucial in building credibility and trust in the WHO brand by influencing the way employees talk about the Organization with one another and with outside partners and stakeholders. Staff who know how they are clearly connected to the Organization’s mission, values, and goals are uniquely positioned to be brand ambassadors, nurturing a shared sense of identity and demonstrating WHO’s value to people everywhere.

Building internal communications capacity means providing timely and effective information to all staff, connecting offices across the Organization, and promoting stronger employee engagement; corporate priority events, such as global public health days, facilitating dialogue and information exchange are prime avenues. The headquarters team also manages the corporate intranet homepage: ensuring it contains critical, up-to-date information for staff about programme, management, and staff initiatives, and regular features on individual staff members from around the world.

The team also provides logistics support for Town Hall and other “all staff” meetings, serving as the internal communications point of contact for management departments (i.e., human resources, information management and technology, building services, security, etc.), and working closely with departments in the Office of the Director-General (DGO) and the staff association.