Communicating for health

News media

Communications function at WHO

WHO’s media engagement makes it possible for the Organization to quickly connect with people across the globe. WHO content is widely covered by influential and popular news media, across all outlets and across the world. Coverage includes digital and traditional TV and radio, wire agencies, print outlets and various social media platforms.

WHO media officers develop and disseminate press releases, notices, and advisories, arrange for media interviews with WHO’s technical experts, act as spokespersons for WHO and organize and conduct press conferences. Press conferences are disseminated through phone, live and Facebook streaming, and after-event audio/video transcript files.

Country offices are in the lead when the target audience is national and local media, or when the health topic of concern is geographically focused in a specific country. Regional offices support staff at the country level by coordinating outreach to media and messaging to be consistent across all countries in a specific WHO region.

The Headquarters News Team manages engagement and relationships with the Geneva-based press corps and all major global media outlets. WHO communicators coordinate across the three levels of the Organization when there is a need to make corporate public messages.