Communicating for health

WHO principles for effective communications

This Framework supports the broad range of communication activities occurring across all parts and levels of WHO.

WHO Communications Strategic Framework chart

It is organized according to six principles to ensure WHO communications are:

WHO strives at all times to ensure these principles are at the core of its communication activities and are reflected in the full range of materials and activities: social media messages; web-based fact sheets, feature stories, commentaries, infographics, Q&As; intranet content for WHO staff; press conferences, news releases and media advisories; videos; visibility and outreach activities etc.

By integrating the principles of this framework into all WHO communications, we will stimulate innovation toward improved health outcomes, constantly challenging ourselves to identify better and more efficient ways to engage key audiences in communication and interaction.

What we do

The principles highlighted in this Framework apply across the whole of WHO’s communications work. Core WHO communications functions are presented below with links to relevant resources.