Contracting and performance incentives

Specific experience in countries

The adoption of contracting always depends on the situation in a country and this means that each experience is specific. However, it is always beneficial to acquaint oneself with the experience of others, whether from the same country or from neighbouring countries.

The experience presented below may have reached different stages of implementation. In some cases, the information concerns innovative experience while at the other end of the spectrum it may describe experience garnered over several years which has already been the subject of publications analysing both the process itself and the results achieved.

  • Experience relating to specific contractual arrangements: these documents describe both the contractual arrangement and the process whereby it was developed or the results achieved thanks to this contractual arrangement.
  • Experience relating to the development of framework agreements: framework agreements are agreements that involve several actors or entities that face a common set of problems.

The documents below are available either for downloading (if the title is underlined), for consultation at their Internet address, or for use as references

It is not always easy to gather information on experience. The most significant experience is no doubt quite familiar. However, there is also a wealth of experience that is valuable but not always familiar to anyone other than those concerned; nevertheless, there is always something to be learnt from this experience. This is why we invite anyone, whether an institution or an individual, who wishes to inform those responsible for this site of their experience in order to share it with the international community to do so: