Contracting and performance incentives

Key Policy Issues

Reference Documents on Contracting

Contracting is a tool which has only recently come into use in the field of health. Knowledge of the concepts, strategies and policies that underlie contracting will foster effective use of it. Whether you are an actor in the field or a policy-maker, contracting calls on concepts from the fields of law, economics, public health and administration. The purpose of this section is not to offer purely theoretical research but to propose the necessary conceptual elements for action by professionals. Both actors in the field and policy-makers will find here documents which may help them in their work. Rather than being guides to action, these documents describe the concepts underlying contractual arrangements.

Reference Documents on Provider Performance Incentives

Review of the literature


"Incentive schemes and performance of health care providers in low income countries..."

International Workshop, 17-18 December 2009, Clermont-Ferrand, France

Key Policy Issues

The Role of Contracting ...

WHA Resolution on Contracting (WHA56.25)

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