WHO’s work with countries

Cooperation among BRICS countries

The influence of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) in the international arena has risen enormously in recent decades.

“The rise of BRICS in global health is also an illustration of the growing importance of a larger group of emerging countries. The WHO and the UN are faced with the challenge of adapting health cooperation to the rapidly changing environment in these countries.”

There has been much attention on their economic performance, but less widely noted is their position to exert a significant influence on global health.

WHO has adjusted its cooperation in and with BRICS to accommodate the specific needs, priorities and capacities of these countries.

The new approach aims to:

  • enhance cooperation within each BRICS country, between BRICS, as well as between BRICS and other developing countries; and
  • contribute to improvements global health.

Meetings of BRICS countries

WHO promotes the exchange of information on lessons learnt and best practices among BRICS through the Organization’s network of country offices. Members meeting annually to discuss emerging inter-BRICS cooperation, especially issues related to the BRICS Health Ministers’ Meeting.

Meeting Communiqués