WHO’s work with countries

Where WHO works

WHO headquarters is located in Geneva, Switzerland. There are 6 WHO regions, each with a regional office. In addition, WHO has 149 field offices in countries, territories or areas. Countries without a WHO office are covered by nearby field offices or by the appropriate regional office.

This map shows WHO regions (by colour) and location of the 6 WHO regional offices. It has an interactive feature, which you can enable by hovering your mouse cursor over a country. You can view the following information (about country level and sub-country level offices):

  • country name
  • location of WHO office in country, territory or area
  • name of Head of WHO office
  • link to WHO country website
  • number of WHO sub-country offices (if applicable).

To zoom in by region:

  • Select a region (from the legend box), and click on the magnifying glass icon.
  • To return to the default global view, click the “Clear Zoom” icon from the legend box.


Department of Country Cooperation and Collaboration with the United Nations System (CCU)
World Health Organization
Geneva, Switzerland