Emergencies preparedness, response

Giving patients and workers the supplies they need

Ebola: Health services recovery

The focus is to ensure the availability of quality essential medicines and health products for infection prevention and control, and essential health services.

Logistician Jose Rovira-Vilaplana overseeing distribution of 2.6 tons of PPE to Conakry's first treatment centres and other locations.
WHO/T. Jasarevic

Key activity areas

Interventions in the procurement and supply management requires WHO technical assistance to reinforce the capacity of national procurement centres/central medical stores, including the capacity for forecasting, purchasing, storage and distribution.

Support will also be given to reinforce systems for logistics management, products management, to ensure the continuous and sustainable supply of essential medicines and health products (including personal protective equipment) at front-line centres.

The focus will be on developing systems for the long term that focus from "push-oriented" to "pull-oriented" mechanisms for supply chain management. In addition to that, technical assistance will be provided to reinforce national regulatory agencies and quality assurance systems within procurement systems, to guarantee the quality of the products supplied.