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Hepatitis E in Sudan - update

30 August 2004

From 22 May - 20 August 2004 a total of 2431 cases and 41 deaths of suspected hepatitis E was reported from health clinics in the Greater Darfur region through the early warning alert and response system (EWARN). The most affected area is West Darfur state with 66% of the total reported cases. Laboratory confirmation by PCR was carried out by the Naval Medical Research Unit 3 (NAMRU-3) on specimens from West and South Darfur; laboratory results for North Darfur are pending.

UNICEF is continuing to work with federal and state ministries of health and nongovernmental organizations to increase the quality and quantity of the water supply. Field investigations conducted by Epicentre and EPIET (European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training) are underway to assess the epidemiology of hepatitis E and to focus on the most appropriate prevention and control measures.