Emergencies preparedness, response

Ebola publications: Strategy, and coordination

In order to be prepared to respond to all acute public health emergencies, including a potential Ebola virus disease event, countries need to review and enhance national public health emergency preparedness and response plans, and national command and coordination structures.

This includes setting up or adapting an Incident Management Structure and an Emergency Operations Centre to support emergency health operations, as well as validation of the national emergency response plan for emerging infectious diseases, through simulation exercises.

Technical guidance

Ebola guidance

Guidance related to past outbreaks

General guidance

This page links all WHO technical and general information on Ebola virus disease.

Online training for Ebola responders

This free online course offers decision-makers and frontline responders an overview of Ebola virus disease and access to e-PROTECT training, intended to help yourself and members of your team from contracting Ebola and prevent further transmission of the disease.