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Ebola response phase 3: Framework for achieving and sustaining a resilient zero


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Number of pages: 17
Publication date: September 2015
Languages: English



The purpose of the Ebola response Phase 3 framework is to incorporate new knowledge and tools into the ongoing Ebola response and recovery work to achieve and sustain a "resilient zero". Phase 3 of the response builds upon the rapid scale-up of treatment beds, safe and dignified burial teams, and behaviour change capacities during Phase 1 (August-December 2014); and the enhanced capacities for case finding, contract tracing, and community engagement during Phase 2 (January-July 2015). This framework incorporates new developments and breakthroughs in Ebola control, from vaccines, diagnostics and response operations to survivor counselling and care.

Phase 3 objectives: Objective 1 - To accurately define and rapidly interrupt all remaining chains of Ebola transmission. Objective 2 - To identify, manage and respond to the consequences of residual Ebola risks.

The chapters include:

  • Context for the outbreak and descriptions of Objectives 1 and 2
  • Risks to the implementation of Phase 3
  • Priorities to operationalize Phase 3
  • Phase 3 and early recovery
  • Key timelines & milestones for Phase 3.

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