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Ebola surveillance in countries with no reported cases of Ebola virus disease

Interim guidance


Surveillance of countries with no ebola reported cases cover

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Number of pages: 4
Publication date: 5 September 2014
Languages: English
WHO reference number: WHO/EVD/Guidance/SurvNonECount/14.1



This document provides guidelines on the establisment of early surveillance actions to be carried out in countries where no case of Ebola virus disease has been reported. An alert system should be in place at the following sites: major land border crossing with already affected countries; capital cities, including at airports, seaports, and health-care facilities, especially in major hospitals.

The alert system (staff trained in case definitions and able to detect signs and symptoms of disease) should report sick persons coming from country that has reported cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) and possibly meeting the definition of a case under investigation.

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