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Infection prevention and control guidance for care of patients in health-care settings, with focus on Ebola

Interim guidance


Publication details

Number of pages: 32
Publication date: December 2014
Languages: English
WHO reference number: WHO/HIS/SDS/2014.4 Rev.1



This document provides a summary of infection prevention and control (IPC) measures for those providing direct and non-direct care to Ebola patients in health-care facilities. It includes instructions and directions for those managing the implementation of IPC activities. These IPC measures should be applied not only by health-care professionals but by anyone in direct contact with patients (e.g., visitors, family members, volunteers), as well as by those not in contact with patients but potentially exposed to the virus through contact with the environment (e.g., cleaners, laundry, housekeepers, security). The sections cover:

  • General patient care in any health-care facility
  • Direct patient care (for suspected or confirmed patients with haemorrhagic fever)
  • Environmental cleaning and management of linen
  • Waste management
  • Non-patient care activities: diagnostic laboratory activities, movement and burial of human remains, post-mortem examinations, managing exposure to virus through body fluids, including blood.

The annexes include: standard precautions in heath care; how to use PPE safely and effectively; how to perform hand hygiene by handrubbing or handwashing; technique for donning and removing non-sterile examination gloves; WHO-recommended handrub formulations; how to make chlorine solutions for environmental disinfection.

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