Emergencies preparedness, response

Clinical care for survivors of Ebola virus disease

Interim guidance


Publication details

Number of pages: 31
Publication date: April 2016
Languages: English
WHO reference number: WHO/EVD/OHE/PED/16.1 Rev.2



Today, there are over 10 000 survivors of Ebola virus disease. A number of medical problems have been reported in survivors, including mental health issues. Ebola virus may persist in some body fluids, including semen. Ebola survivors need comprehensive support for the medical and psychosocial challenges they face and also to minimize the risk of continued Ebola virus transmission.

WHO has developed this document to guide health services on how to provide quality care to survivors of Ebola virus disease. Table of contents include:

  • Introduction
  • Planning follow-up of the Ebola survivor
  • Common sequelae of Ebola virus disease and recommended evaluation and clinical management
  • Considerations for special populations
  • Monitoring for persistent Ebola virus infection in survivors: guidelines for testing and counselling
  • Infection prevention and control considerations in survivors
  • Risk communication considerations.

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