This is archived content published during the Ebola outbreak in 2014-2015. For the latest information on Ebola, visit the Ebola website.

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Ebola response roadmap


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Publication date: August 2014
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WHO issued this roadmap for scaled-up response to the Ebola outbreak. The goal is to stop Ebola transmission in affected countries within 6-9 months and prevent international spread.

The roadmap will assist governments and partners in the revision and resourcing of country-specific operational plans for Ebola response, and the coordination of international support for their full implementation. The objectives are:

  • to achieve full geographic coverage with complementary Ebola response activities in countries with widespread and intense transmission
  • to ensure emergency and immediate application of comprehensive Ebola response interventions in countries with an initial case(s) or with localized transmission
  • to strengthen preparedness of all countries to rapidly detect and respond to an Ebola exposure, especially those sharing land borders with an intense transmission area and those with international transportation hubs.
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