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Global Policy Group

The Global Policy Group (GPG) is an internal advisory mechanism to the Director-General, established to ensure the coherent implementation of decisions, policies and strategies of WHO across all levels of the Organization.

The GPG discusses strategic and internal policy issues relating to the programmatic and managerial work of WHO. These include:

  • Global and regional political and economic issues of relevance to WHO
  • Global health priorities and issues of relevance the international community, including the SDGs and health security.
  • WHO programmatic priorities, including development, implementation and monitoring of the general programme of work and the programme budget
  • WHO management, including management of human and financial resources, accountability and transparency
  • Preparation for governing bodies and coherence between the Health Assembly, the Executive Board and Regional Committees

The GPG consists of the Director-General, Deputy Director-General, Regional Directors and the Executive Director of the WHO Emergencies Programme. The meeting is chaired by the Director-General. Relevant senior staff may be invited to meetings to brief the GPG on specific agenda items.

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