Diagnostic imaging

Imaging Modalities

Requirements for Medical Imaging Services

Requirements at the site:

  • Developed as an integral part of national health care systems, according to the needs and social and economic structure of the country, region and area;
  • Regulated by governments in accordance with international standards;
  • Appropriate to the level of the health care system at which they are provided;
  • Appropriate to availability of therapeutic capabilities.

Requirements at the national level:

  • Government commitment and support;
  • National plan for diagnostic imaging services;
  • National radiation protection control authority;
  • National regulations on medical devices and radiation protection;
  • Specialist advisory groups;
  • Inventory and needs assessment;
  • Upgrade, repair and maintenance of existing facilities and establishment of new services, as appropriate;
  • National quality system.
  • Patient-centered, in collaboration with patient safety advocacy groups.

Furthermore, regardless of the type of equipment and procedures used, the following infrastructure is required:

  • Trained medical, technical and engineering staff;
  • Radiation protection measurements and regulations, especially for optimization of radiation doses delivered during CT and fluroscopy;
  • Reliable supplies of clean water, electric power, spare parts and consumables.

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