Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health

Forum on population-based prevention strategies for childhood obesity

Date: 15-17 December 2009
Place: Geneva, Switzerland

The Forum and Technical Meeting on Population-based Prevention Strategies for Childhood Obesity was held in order to identify priorities for population-based strategies to prevent childhood obesity and to define roles and responsibilities for various stakeholders.

The meeting was convened as part of WHO’s response to the global epidemic of noncommunicable diseases. Participants included representatives of ministries of health, nongovernmental organizations, international health and consumer organizations, public–private partnerships and academics.

The report of the Forum and Technical Meeting identifies why population-based strategies to tackle childhood obesity are urgently needed and calls for the scaling up of monitoring and surveillance efforts to better understand the problem and in order to support policy and programme development. It ends with a set of proposed actions identified by the meeting participants for four major stakeholders: WHO; Member States; nongovernmental organizations, civil society and academia; and private sector.

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