Ebola virus disease

Health security and health systems strengthening - an integrated approach

Efforts to strengthen health security and health systems need to be integrated to promote sustainability, efficiency and effectiveness of a country’s preparedness efforts, while avoiding the creation of a vertical health security silo. Strong comprehensive health systems are essential for health security while in turn better health security strengthens health systems.

Recovery from the front lines

Recovering from the outbreak is requiring national governments to drive the safe reactivation of essential health services within the context of ongoing response activities. The three levels of WHO have taken a proactive leadership role in supporting the affected countries as they developed their post-Ebola health system recovery and resilience-building plans.

Health service resilience

Experience from disease outbreaks including Ebola and other epidemics highlight that a resilient health system, that is well organised, integrated and able to adapt to the needs of the people it serves is not only better positioned to respond to emerging threats, but is also more resilient to tackling the burden of chronic disease.