Libya crisis

Libya: Five medical staff dead in latest attack on health facilities in Tripoli

28 July 2019 Tripoli – The World Health Organization strongly condemns yesterday’s attack on Az Zawiyah Field Hospital in the south of Tripoli. Five health workers were killed and eight were injured in the attack. The hospital was damaged and forced to suspend its services.

Medical aid accelerated as Libya crisis intensifies

6 July 2019, Tripoli — As the armed conflict in Libya’s capital enters its fourth month, the World Health Organization has dispatched medicine and surgical supplies donated by the Government of Italy to treat the injured. WHO sent trauma kits, surgical instruments, and other supplies to 7 hospitals treating wounded people in and near Tripoli.


Mental health support in a time of war

25 June 2019 -- Two months after an armed conflict began in Libya’s capital in April 2019, nearly 100 000 people had fled their homes to escape bombings and airstrikes. Many are living with relatives. The recent conflict has compounded the difficulties and uncertainty of Libyans, who have endured years of upheaval.

Mental illness: training Libya’s health workers

24 June 2019 Tripoli—The World Health Organization, in collaboration with Libya’s Ministry of Health, recently conducted a 4-day intensive workshop on mental health issues in conflict situations. The workshop was attended by 19 physicians from six of Libya’s primary care centres representing three different regions of Libya: east, south, and west.


Treating HIV: supporting the needs of Libya’s health workers

12 June 2019 Tripoli — To track and monitor the health status of people who are living with HIV/AIDS, WHO is giving Libya’s health care system the tools it needs. In June 2019, WHO Libya provided IT equipment, including servers and software, to the National Center for Disease Control and the Infectious Disease Department of Tripoli University Hospital.

WHO support reaches flood victims in Ghat, southern Libya

June 2019, Ghat, Libya — WHO has provided emergency and laboratory health supplies, scaled up disease surveillance, and deployed medical staff to support people affected by floods in the southwestern Libyan town of Ghat.
Three children and one adult died in the floods that struck Ghat in early June. More than 2500 people were displaced and many are now being hosted by relatives.


Photo essay: WHO emergency teams at work in Libya

26 May 2019 - Over the past 8 years, people in Libya have fled violence and destruction. Many now live in settlements for displaced people, while others living in their hometowns struggle to access medical care.

With support from European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) and the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), WHO Libya sends emergency medical teams to far-flung areas of Libya every week to help thousands of patients.

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