Somalia crisis

Countries launch synchronized cross border campaign to fight against polio: Somali region of Ethiopia alone to vaccinate over half million under 5 children

21 August 2019 -- Polio is a highly infectious, debilitating disease which affects children and causes permanent paralysis. Polio is not curable, and can only be prevented by vaccination. Families and communities must ensure their children are vaccinated both during polio campaigns and through routine immunization. The Horn of Africa is currently in emergency with imported poliovirus of circulating vaccine derived polioviruses placing polio eradication as unfinished business. Circulating vaccine Derived-Polio Virus (cVDPV) outbreak was reported recently from Somaliland and the first-round quick response has been conducted in July 2019. Since then four more cases have been reported in Puntland in Somalia, one in Bosaso district, one in Ufyan district, one on the border with Somali region in Ethiopia and one in Dollo Zone Bokh Wareda in Somali Region of Ethiopia.

WHO, UNICEF Somalia and partners calls on all Somalis to vaccinate children against polio

25 June 2019 Mogadishu -- Health authorities rolled out a polio campaign yesterday in Puntland and Somaliland to vaccinate more than 940 000 children under 5 years of age to stop an ongoing outbreak of a strain of poliovirus.

Ending cholera in Somalia

23 June 2019 – Combating cholera is a challenge for Somalia. Because of protracted crisis destroying the water and sanitation infrastructure and dilapidated health systems coupled with regular flooding there are several states recurrently hit by cholera epidemics. Despite these grave challenges, the Ministry of Health of Somalia, WHO and other partners have to face issues head on and identify a sustainable solution.

Cholera vaccination drive begins in high-risk districts in Somalia

22 June 2019 Mogadishu – Somalia has just launched one of Africa’s largest immunization campaigns using oral cholera vaccines (OCV). The campaign, which runs from 22 to 28 June 2019 in high-risk areas of Somalia, will vaccinate more than 650 000 people aged one year and above to eliminate the risk of the disease among vulnerable populations and to prevent recurring cholera outbreaks in the country.


Vaccines are saving millions of lives of children in Somalia: urgent need to scale up routine immunization programme

7 May 2019 – From the moment we’re born, we’re all at risk of contracting diseases. So the question is, are we aware enough? Are we responsible enough? Are we immune enough? Not long ago infections like influenza, tetanus, chickenpox and measles were prolonged, painful illnesses, which often resulted in death. Immunization saves millions of lives every year and is widely recognized as one of the world’s most successful and cost-effective public health interventions.

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