Syrian Arab Republic crisis

WHO gravely concerned about humanitarian situation in northeast Syria

13 October 2019, Cairo, Egypt — WHO is gravely concerned about the humanitarian health situation in northeast Syria, where up to 200 000 people have been displaced as a result of increased military operations since 9 October, and almost 1.5 million people are in need of health aid. Many of those affected by the recent hostilities have already experienced immense physical and mental stress as a result of years of conflict and repeated displacement.

Greater support needed to ensure accessible quality health services for a quarter of a million Syrian refugees in Iraq

22 September 2019 – Providing access to health services for approximately 250 000 Syrian refugees in Iraq remains a major challenge for local health authorities, the World Health Organization (WHO), and humanitarian responders in Iraq.


WHO statement on mortality in Al Hol camp in Syrian Arab Republic

22 September 2019 –The World Health Organization (WHO) has serious concerns over recent reporting of an increase in the number of child deaths in Al Hol camp. Such reporting has provided an inaccurate analysis on under-5 mortality, misrepresented some of the data, and overstated the gravity of the health situation in the camp.

WHO/Lindsay Mackenzie

Syrian Arab Republic:
2 psychiatrists for more than 3 million people

13 September 2019 -- “Today, I’m one of the only psychiatrists in an area where about 3 million people live. Due to the war, the situation is tragic,” explains Dr Satoo, Psychiatrist and Managing Director of the WHO-supported Sarmada Mental Health Facility in north-western Syrian Arab Republic. “It affects everything: difficulties finding jobs and bad living conditions. No one is free from some sort of psychological problem. There are no official figures, but we are seeing more and more extreme cases each month.”

Vital contributions from Japan enable WHO support for health care services for Syrian children

12 September 2019 – The World Health Organization (WHO) extends its gratitude to the People of Japan for the generous donation of US$ 5.2 million allocated to equipping the paediatric hospital in the Aleppo governorate and enabling vulnerable families in north, north-west and north-east Syria to have access to proper medical health care services for children.


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