Yemen crisis

Dr Ahmed Al Mandhari, WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean

Statement on Yemen by
Dr Ahmed Al-Mandhari,
WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean

8 November 2018 Cairo – The current violence in Al Hudaydah is placing tens of thousands of already vulnerable people at risk, and preventing WHO from reaching them with the help they urgently need. The violence, now in close proximity to the area hospitals, is affecting the movement and safety of health staff, patients and ambulances, as well as the functionality of health facilities, leaving hundreds without access to treatment.


WHO supports district health facilities in Yemen to respond to basic health needs

7 November 2018 – More than 3 and a half years of war and conflict in Yemen has resulted in widespread devastation and the silent suffering of millions of people. With half of all health facilities closed, access to basic services is limited for Yemenis, resulting in an extremely deteriorated health situation across the country.

Internally displaced persons from Hudaydah endure harsh circumstances in Sana'a

8 October 2018 -- With the recent escalation of conflict in the port town of Al-Hudaydah, thousands of people were forced to flee to the capital city Sana’a to escape the insecurity and increasing poverty, malnutrition and disease outbreaks. These displaced people include Yemen’s most vulnerable: the elderly, pregnant women, people who carry the burden of chronic illnesses, and caregivers who bear the responsibility of providing for their children.

Health workers in Yemen reach more than 306 000 people with cholera vaccines during four-day pause in fighting – WHO, UNICEF

5 October 2018 – More than 306 000 people in Yemen, including over 164 000 children under the age of 15, were vaccinated against cholera as part of a joint WHO-UNICEF campaign that concluded today. The number are expected to go up as reports of the final day of the campaign come in. The six-day vaccination effort, carried out by 3,000 health workers in three districts in Hudaydah and Ibb, was made possible by a pause in fighting – known as ‘Days of Tranquility’ – agreed by parties to the conflict.


Dialysis patients in Yemen struggle to obtain regular sessions amid war

16 September 2018 – It takes Gailan Mohammed 2 hours on foot to reach Al-Jumhoori Hospital in Sana’a for haemodialysis sessions, simply because he cannot afford the cost of transportation. Before the conflict, Gailan used to work, despite his illness, but he lost his job because he needed time off for dialysis sessions twice a week. “Fortunately the treatment is free of charge, otherwise I would have died a long time ago.” Like Gailan, around 5200 patients with kidney failure across the country struggle to get dialysis sessions.

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