Second round of oral cholera vaccine reaches nearly 400 000 people in Aden, Taiz and Al Dhale’e

21 August 2019 Sana’a — A 6-day oral cholera vaccination campaign reached almost 400 000 people, including almost 65 000 children under the age of 5 in Aden, Al Dhale’e and Taiz, where high numbers of suspected cholera and acute watery diarrhoea cases have been recorded.

#womenhumanitarians: celebrating World Humanitarian Day in Yemen

Laura Lloyd Braff - I have been involved in emergency response work for the WHO since 2013, and have been stationed in Yemen since 2017. In Yemen, I work as a Project Management Officer on the Emergency Health and Nutrition Project (EHNP), which, in partnership with the World Bank and UNICEF, supports the provision of Health and Nutrition Services in health facilities, while simultaneously protecting the health system in Yemen from collapse so future generations can benefit from it.


Despite challenges, Yemen eliminates lymphatic filariasis

15 August 2019 | Geneva | Sana’a -- The World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledges the achievement of the Republic of Yemen for eliminating lymphatic filariasis (LF) as a public health problem, making it the second country, after Egypt, in WHO’s Eastern Mediterranean Region to achieve the criteria.

Outbreak update - Cholera in Yemen, 30 June 2019

8 July 2019 - The Ministry of Public Health and Population of Yemen reported 21,865 suspected cases of cholera with 13 associated deaths during epidemiological week 26 (24 to 30 June) of 2019. Thirteen percent of cases were severe. The cumulative total number of suspected cholera cases from 1 January 2018 to 30 June 2019 is 823,221, with 1210 associated deaths (CFR 0.13%). Children under five represent 23.0% of total suspected cases during 2019. The outbreak has affected 22 of 23 governorates and 299 of 333 districts in Yemen.

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WHO supports emergency medical care in Al Thawra Hospital, Sana’a, Yemen

2 July 2019 -- To support the functionality of Al Thawra’s Hopsital’s emergency sections, WHO has installed an oxygen station in the facility, and equipped the intensive care unit with medical equipment.

WHO experts sustain decrease in new cholera cases and deaths in Yemen

12 June 2019 - To support the ongoing scale-up of cholera response efforts in Yemen, from 18 to 25 May 2 World Health Organization (WHO) experts deployed to Sana’a. As part of the scale-up, WHO has increased technical support to the country, which has been facing the worst cholera outbreak in history since 2016. Deployed staff expertise ranges from oral cholera vaccination to laboratory, water and sanitation, and community engagement and health promotion.

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