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Haiti Hurricane Matthew 2016

Cholera vaccination campaign for Haitians hardest hit by Hurricane Matthew

28 November 2016 – More than 729 000 people in Haiti have been vaccinated against cholera to reduce the burden of severe illness and deaths in areas at high risk.

With the support of WHO/PAHO and other partners including UNICEF, International Medical Corps, the Red Cross and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, vaccination teams have reached more than 90% of people in the departments of Grand Anse and Sud where cholera cases had been reported and water and sanitation systems were damaged by the hurricane.

Minister of Health of Haiti, Daphnée Benoit Delsoin, applies the first dose of the oral vaccine of cholera to a student in Les Cayes, Haiti.

Haiti begins vaccination campaign against cholera in areas most affected by Hurricane Matthew

9 November 2016 – The campaign, which has the support of PAHO/WHO and other partners, began today and will run until November 14. The objective is to reduce the morbidity and mortality caused by cholera and to prevent the spread of the disease in other departments of the country.

A hospital nurse and WHO/PAHO officer with patient at the Immaculate Conception Hospital, Les Cayes, Haiti.

Haiti needs support after Hurricane Matthew

3 November 2016 – Haiti needs support to restore and rebuild its health services at various levels, ranging from cholera treatment centres to community health centres to major hospitals, according to Dr. Jean-Luc Poncelet, the PAHO/WHO representative in Haiti. The Ministry is responding to the outbreak, with the support of many NGOs and other partners, but additional support is crucial to make damaged health facilities operational again.

Vaccination campaign against cholera in Haiti, 2016.

Haiti’s Ministry of Health organizing a vaccination campaign against cholera in areas affected by Hurricane Matthew

27 October 2016 – The Haitian Ministry of Health (MSPP) is setting up a vaccination campaign against cholera in areas ravaged by Hurricane Matthew, with support from PAHO/WHO, UNICEF and other partners. The target population is estimated at over 820 000 people over one year of age. The vaccination campaign will begin 8 November 2016.

WHO/W Romeril

Haiti: a journey of lifesaving supplies

25 October 2016 – WHO has sent urgently needed medical supplies and medicines to Haiti to combat cholera, malaria and other diseases in communities struck by Hurricane Matthew.

This photo story traces the journey of these supplies - from the immediate needs assessment made by the PAHO/WHO team that determines a high risk of increased infectious diseases, to WHO’s warehouse in Dubai where the goods are packed, all the way to the Hôpital Immaculée Conception in Les Cayes where they are being used to treat people and save lives in the hospital’s cholera treatment centre and emergency clinic.

WHO/C. Lindmeier

Q&A: Cholera

20 October 2016 – What is cholera? What are the symptoms? Is there a vaccine? Watch the video and find out the answers to these and other questions about cholera.

Medical supplies donated by the Government of France are being unloaded from a cargo plane in Port-au-Prince, Haiti 2016.

Medical supplies and other aid arrives in Haiti

12 October 2016 – International aid has started to arrive in Haiti, including a cargo jet from France with 6 tons of medical supplies, cholera treatment kits and water purification equipment. PAHO/WHO is working with the Ministry of Health to coordinate and plan the health response with the international community.


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People affected

Over 2 millionMore than 2 million people have been affected of which 1.4 million require immediate humanitarian assistance

Situation in Haiti


50% increaseIn cholera cases reported in Grand’Anse and South departments since 7 October

Donor brief and funding request - 13 October 2016
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Cholera vaccines

1 millionDoses of oral cholera vaccines arrived in Haiti

Oral cholera vaccines

Situation and response

Map showing suspected cholera outbreaks in southern part of Haiti, October 2016.

Situation reports

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Cholera is an acute intestinal infection caused by ingestion of food or water contaminated with the bacterium Vibrio cholerae.