Severe acute malnutrition with medical complications kit (SAM/MC)

For 50 children (less than 5 years)

WHO's Severe acute malnutrition with medical complications kit (SAM/MC) kit is a standard kit designed to provide medical treatment for 50 children under five suffering from severe malnutrition with medical complications. The SAM/MC kit includes antibiotics, antifungal, de-worming, antimalarial and anti-scabies medicines, and a rehydration mix specific to treat cases of severe acute malnutrition. This prepacked kit is designed for use where there is disruption of medical supplies in emergency settings as a way to fill a gap until the medical supply mechanisms are restored.

Components and conditions of the kit

The SAM/MC kit contains 3 different modules: the basic module with essential medicines, the supplementary module with injectables and the supply & equipment module. The basic module contains malaria treatments that could be opted out.

The SAM/MC kit is designed for inpatient care and therefore to be used by trained health workers.

The SAM/MC kit does NOT contain any medicines for the management of TB or HIV, and does NOT contain any therapeutic foods.

Complementary nutrition kits could be ordered from UNICEF (refer to UNICEF online catalog).

Designed to be used by trained health workers in a hospital setting, this kit must be used in conjunction with therapeutic foods to treat malnutrition.

Implementation of the SAM kit in the field

South Sudan was the first country to introduce this kit: