WHO Trauma & Emergency Surgery Kit (WHO TESK) 2019

For 50 patients requiring surgical care in emergency situations (assuming 2 operations per patient)

Scope of TESK

WHO trauma and emergency surgery kit (TESK) aims to provide materials and drugs to meet the needs of 50 patients requiring surgical care in emergency situations, assuming an average of two operations per patient. This kit is intended for use by health care providers who are trained in appropriate management of emergent surgical issues and are acting within their scope of practise. It is designed for use in areas where basic levels of infrastructure exist. The composition of TESK has recently been revised in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross to meet the dynamic requirements of emergency situations. In general, this kit contains oral and IV medicines including cold chain drugs and medical supplies including renewables and instruments.

WHO TESK is intended to provide the resources needed for surgical procedures in operating theatres. Some of the sub-units may be used for simpler procedures that may occur in other parts of the facility.

A complementary kit intended for the care of acutely ill and injured patients in hospital emergency units, field hospitals or clinics providing acute care, is under development and targeted for release in 2020.

  • WHO appeals for US$ 5.3 million to respond to trauma and emergency care needs in Gaza
    18 March 2019, Gaza, occupied Palestinian territories - The World Health Organization (WHO) is appealing for US$ 5.3 million to provide life- and limb-saving interventions to massive numbers of injured patients overwhelming an already fragile health system in Gaza. The upcoming one-year anniversary of the Great March of Return on 30 March could result in further casualties and an increase in people requiring trauma care and rehabilitation services.