Yellow fever situation report

28 October 2016

A yellow fever outbreak was detected in Luanda, Angola late in December 2015. The first cases were confirmed by the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) in South Africa on 19 January 2016 and by the Institut Pasteur Dakar (IP-D) on 20 January. Subsequently, a rapid increase in the number of cases has been observed.

Key updates

Angola epidemiological update (as of 20 October):

  • The last confirmed case had symptom onset on 23 June.
  • Two new probable cases without a history of yellow fever vaccination were reported from Kwanza Sul province in the last week.
  • Phase II of the vaccination campaign is ongoing, targeting more than 2 million people in 10 provinces.

Democratic Republic of the Congo epidemiological update (as of 26 October):

  • The last confirmed non-sylvatic case had symptom onset on 12 July.
  • A new confirmed, sylvatic case was reported from Bominenge Health Zone in Sud Ubangui province.
  • 14 probable cases remain under investigation.
  • The reactive campaign in Mushenge Health Zone in Kasai province, which began on 20 October, is ongoing.


  • The majority of the probable cases in Angola have been ruled out as yellow fever cases by the Institut Pasteur of Dakar. They will remain classified as probable cases until a full battery of tests has been run to determine other possible causes of illness. Once the final results are received the cases will be reclassified. Coincidentally, a previously scheduled pre-emptive vaccination campaign is ongoing in Kwanza Sul province where 2 new probable cases were reported.

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