Global health ethics

The Global Health Ethics Seminars Series (GHES)

Poster of Seminar 4 on Bioethics

Globalization means that public health issues are no longer contained by national borders. A public health crisis in one country can quickly spread to its neighbors and impact the rest of the global community. In these scenarios, ethical questions are of central importance.

We have created a regular seminar series examining key issues in global bioethics, titled “Global Health Ethics Seminars” (GHES). The aim is to provide a space in which leading ethicists, health care workers, policy makers and patients from across the world can come together to provide practical answers to the major moral and ethical questions that arise during times of global health crises.

Past seminars

Seminar 6: Disease Surveillance for the SDGs – Balancing privacy with the need to know, 3 October 2016

Speakers: Professor Ali Haghdoost, WHO Collaborating Centre for HIV Surveillance, Kerman University, Iran. Professor Amy Fairchild, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, USA. Dr Daniel Hogan, Department of Information, Evidence and Research, WHO

Seminar 4: Bioethics, 5 May 2016

Speakers: Dr. Carla Saenz (PAHO/WHO Regional Bioethics Advisor) - “Public Health Ethics: Towards the Integration of Ethics in Health in the Americas”; Dr. Abha Saxena (Coordinator, Global Health Ethics, WHO) - “Ethics Guidance for responding to epidemics – Lessons from Ebola and Zika”; Dr. Sergio Rego (ENSP/FIOCRUZ) – “Ethics, public health and emerging diseases: a view from Brazil.”

Seminar 3: Responsible use of antibiotics - A question of justice? 22 March 2016

Speakers: Dr Jasper Littmann (Action on Antibiotic Resistance, Uppsala University), Dr Michael Millar (Department of Infection, Barts Health NHS Trust, London), and Dr Elizabeth Tayler (Technical Advisor on Antimicrobial resistance, WHO)

Seminar 2: Ebola & Ethics - The Unfinished Agenda. 8 December 2015

Speakers: Dr Melba Gomes (Chair of the WHO Research Ethics Review Committee), Dr Annick Antierens (Manager, Investigational Platform, for Experimental Ebola Products, MSF) and Dr Philippe Calain (Chair of Ethics Panel established by WHO; Senior Researcher, MSF)

Seminar 1: Beyond autonomy- Towards an ethical framework to support healthy ageing. 13 October 2015

Speakers: Professor Chris Gastmans (KU Leuven, Belgium) & Dr. Alana Officer (World Health Organization)